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This web page is about my wife, Jacqueline Langis. It is written by me, Steven Woolgar, about her. All that is written here is from my perspective (and more than likely, not endorsed by her either).

I am married to Jacqueline Langis and have been living with her since 1995. We met at work, at a time when we were both still married to other people. Things were not going well in my first marriage and Jacqueline was a great friend. When things eventually dissolved in my first married, I started living on my own for the first time in a long while.

Jacq bungie Jacqueline also eventually ended her first marriage. As friends that were both grieving the end of what used to be our lives, we grew closer and eventually started dating. At this point we were both working on a Medical research project. Jacq 20-something

Eventually, the work situation turned out how so many work situations in Quebec (French Canada) turn out, ie badly and we started looking for new jobs. Funding was running out for the project we had both worked so hard on, and there really wasn't any money in sight to keep the project alive. Too bad for all that valuable data on heart conditions.

I accepted a job in British Columbia, which on the west coast of Canada. Jacqueline actually agreed to follow me in this adventure. I believe it was much more of an task than she would ever let on. At this point she did not really speak English, and so the idea of moving to an English speaking place was probably pretty scary for her. She is also very close to her Family and so leaving them must have been rather traumatic.

So Jacq and I moved out to British Columbia to start a new life. We both worked too hard there and eventually things started going badly at my workplace, the company was on it's last legs. Jacq had been working incredibly hard at her job and was ready for a change. Jacqueline had been struggling with too much responsibility and with too little power to affect change. She, and her team had incredible amounts of work to do and too little time to do it in. In what is now an accepted work method, the marketing people in the company would change the requirements willy-nilly, which made a very difficult task almost impossible. This is known as feature-creep.

I was offered a job at Claris Corporation, which was an Apple subsidiary. So we up and moved. We both left many friends behind in beautiful British Columbia, and what I consider to be the best Sushi around. I worked like crazy and eventually finished the project I was working on (ClarisWorks 5.0). While I was working on CW5 I worked very hard and spent lots of time at work, which left Jacqueline alone too much. While looking for a job she spent time getting our place set up and worked hard at making it nice and liveable. She worked really hard on one cabinet and started feeling badly.

Her fingers started getting hyper-sensitive as well as her feet. She was also cranky and emotionally pretty down. We acquired a Beagle puppy named Clover, whom she spent lots of time trying to train. Early Clover

I was too involved in work to really notice the changes in Jacqueline. Little did I know we would both be in for the ride of our lives.
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