G4 Mac

As it turns out, not only is computer programming what I do for a living, it also is something I do as a hobby (yeah, I know, a geek).

I've been programming since sometime in 1981. My father purchased a Commodore Vic-20 and a cassette reader for me. It had all of 2.5K of memory.

I remember that the first program I wrote was a pseudo home finance program with ugly bar charts representing the portions of input salary that was being spent on various expenses. It was written in Commodore BASIC. That was around the time I started college. I would like to think that my career choice had something to do with my fiddling with a computer beforehand. In all likelyhood the choice actually was more to do with the fact that the brochure for computer science was blue when I was sitting in the career counselor's office. My second choice was green, which turned out to be Business.

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