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Codito Ergo Sum

Some day I would like to sell shareware software on this site...Keep checking this site for updates on software I am releasing.

I am currently working on several projects right now, some of them for MacOS, some of them for Windows 2000 & XP (they might work under Win9X, but I won't be testing that).

I am working on several music projects right now. Small utilities for my musical pleasure. If you have any requests for utilities for musicians, please feel free to write in suggestions. If it sounds fun, I am apt to try it.

One of the projects I am interested in starting is a community based development environment for Windows. I am so sick of the crap available for Windows that I think it is time to start anew. I was thinking that the root of all evil in GUI software development is to write a command-line compiler, then write a IDE that kind-of communicates with it. CodeWarrior has had great success with their compiler on the MacOS platform. Unfortunately they decided to make a Windows version by porting the Mac version. I tend to think that was a mistake and their Windows product suffers from that mistake.

The feature set should be basic. A development environment for writing high-quality shrink-wrap software. Code editing and project management should be the two major areas of emphasis. I could practically describe the project by describing what I hate about Microsoft Developer Studio and what I like about Metrowerks CodeWarrior.

I will resist that temptation, and try and define this project independantly as possible from other products.

I also believe that a tightly focused IDE has the best chances of accomplishing the goals set out for it. As such, the only languages that I plan to support are C and C++. This is not a value judgement on other languages, only that I consider them not languages I would wish to produce shrinkwrapped applications with.

If you are interested in defining such a product, which I think should be entirely free. Not GPL, not shareware, but free (LGPL perhaps), then contact the Windows IDE Project.

E-mail any comments to: webmaster@WoolSoft.com